Can 156(3) be filed twice if story is diff. of one incident.

We are three brothers (Myself Pankaj), two of them live outside in metros and i live at my hometown. We have land in our village, no partition has been done ever between us. It is a joint property. Some Land Grabbers (Bhoo-Mafia) type people(s) get the land registered on their name from the registry department with fake photograph and ID, address proofs of my brother. This came to my knowledge and I applied for 156(3) with application of such activity in the court of Hon'ble CJM. CJM sent the case to complaint department and I applied for revision to the DJ. After which my application was heard and the case was rejected under section 39 that the appellant has no right to file a case. In between these processing my brother came and did the registry again to the same Land Grabbers (Bhoo-Mafia) type people(s) without my consent and this time the boundaries of land differed from the previous one. Both the registry documents are in stand and on paper no land is left for me. In my previous application it was written about the first registry only and nothing indicating about the problem I am facing, The Land Grabbers (Bhoo-Mafia) type people(s) occupied land from both sides and I am affected with it. Is it possible to apply for a fresh 156(3) if the story is different in my second application indicating that I am affected as no land has been left on paper for mine. I need to cover full story of the incident.