Recovery of 6 Months Pay due to breach of Service Bond

Sir, I work in HAFED, a cooperative Department in Haryana on the Designation of Field Inspector(Store) in the pay grade 2400/- but in Feb.2014 I, resigned the job as and joint the job in the other Government sector in lower pay grade i.e. 1900/- in the beginning of my earlier job a service bond has been singed from me in which it was written that I will have to submitted 6 months pay if i leave the job before the 3 years of the bond. Sir, regarding recovering of bond amount i.e. 6 months pay, I have received a letter from HAFED AND in the reply I have requested to waive off recovery amount as I resigned the job due my personal reason which at that time can not be ignored. Here I want clear that in HAFED, no training or any other benefit except of my pay is given to me. Now the Hafed office has told me that they are going to Civil Suit against me recover 6 months pay with interest. Now you are requested please tell me, can I go against bond in the court or are they liable to recover amount of 6 months pay with interest as I breach the condition of the bond. please suggest me.