Inter-se seniority issue

I/We the officer/s of Kerala State Cooperative Agricultural and Rural development bank Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram submit the following for getting some clarification and valued advice regarding fixing of combined seniority. As per PSC draft recruitment rules formulated as per Rule 185 (3) of Kerala Cooperative Societies Act 1969, 50% of the total posts of Regional Manager (RM) in our organization are to be filled through promotion from the combined seniority of Officers from two streams, who have passed the qualifying examination. 1. Deputy Manager (DM) 2. Agricultural Development Officer (ADO) Both these posts are having same scale of pay. The path of promotion to these posts are given below Assistant 1. Assistant Manger ( AM) 2. Law Officer / Statistical Officer Agricultural Officer(AO) Deputy Manager (DM) Agricultural Development Officer (ADO) Regional Manager (RM) 1. The Deputy Manager is the promotion post of Assistant Manager (AM)/ Law Officer(LO)/ Statistical Officer (SO). Assistant Manager is the Promotion post of Assistants which is the post of joining. Law Officer / Statistical Officer is also joining posts in the Assistant Manager Cadre Thus Feeder to DM is AM/LO/SO 2. Feeder to ADO is those joined service as Agricultural Officers (AO). 3. AM/LO/SO in one stream and Agri.Officer in the other stream are having same scale of pay but with different qualifications. 4. DM and ADO are having same scale of pay but with different qualifications. 5. Feeder to Regional Manager is DM and ADO. Earlier there was separate ratio for promotion to RM from these feeder posts. Due to the rule amendment, now there is no ratio and the promotion to the RM is to be made from the combined seniority list of DM and ADO. Kindly advise us on the fixing the seniority in DM and ADO, when the date of promotion to DM and ADO are same. The separate seniority lists of two streams who are DM /ADO at present are given below. Deputy Manager Order in advice memo Name Date of Birth Date of Joining in Service Date of absorption in present post Remarks 1 MATHEWS. M.C 21-Nov-1965 17-Nov-1993 as LO 13/02/2012 @ 2 SHEELACHANDRAN .T 28-May-1959 20-Apr-1982 ( AM in2007) 22/02/2012 @ 3 KRISHNANKUTTY P.A 10-May-1963 9-Aug-1985 ( AM in2007) 29/02/2012 @ 4 RAJITHA V.R 29-May-1961 8-Nov-1985 ( AM in2007) 22/02/2012 @ 5 GEORGE KURIAN V 6-Aug-1961 17-Nov-1993 as LO 23/02/2012 @ 1 RAMACHANDRAN .P 24-May-1963 13-Nov-1986 ( AM in2008) 13/06/2012 # 1 JAYAPRAKASH .S 5-May-1964 6-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 10/06/2013 & 2 BALASUBRAMANIAN .K 8-May-1960 10-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 15/06/2013 & 3 REMA. R 20-May-1962 6-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 10/06/2013 & 4 SASIDHARAN .G.B 3-May-1964 7-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 20/06/2013 & 5 SITA. B 1-Jan-1960 7-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 10/06/2013 & 6 ELDO P.M 15-Oct-1962 9-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 17/06/2013 & 7 ANIL KUMAR .M.P 15-Apr-1964 7-Sep-1988 ( AM in2008) 11/06/2013 & Agricultural Development Officer (ADO) Order in advice memo Name Date of Birth Date of Joining in Service Date of absorption in present post Remarks 1 KALYANAKRISHNAN .S 9-May-1962 22-Oct-1984 as AO 27/02/2012 @ 2 SHARABUDEEN S.M 21-Apr-1961 10-Oct-1984 as AO 16/02/2012 @ 1 JAYACHANDRAN. P.K 30-May-1959 22-Aug-1986 as AO 25/06/2013 & 2 JAYAN .R 7-Mar-1961 16-Aug-1986 as AO 13/06/2013 & 3 SREEDEVI.S 10-Jan-1966 8-Apr-1988 as AO 14/06/2013 & 4 SALIM. A 25-May-1962 11-Apr-1988 as AO 17/06/2013 & 1 ELIZEBETH GEORGE 10-Feb-1964 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 2 SUNIL KUMAR V.C 2-Sep-1964 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 3 SASANKAN S 10-Mar-1959 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 4 RAJAN M 6-Mar-1962 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 5 MANOJ KUMAR N.P 24-Jul-1962 9-Apr-1988 as AO 9/04/1988 6 RAVINDRAN M 13-Mar-1963 15-Apr-1988 as AO 15/04/1988 7 NAZER KHAN M 2-May-1963 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 8 KRISHNAN M.V 10-Apr-1962 11-Apr-1988 as AO 11/04/1988 @ marked candidates joined duty as per a same/single promotion order. Note: AO(agri officer)/LO(law officer)/AM(asst. manager) are equivalent posts with same pay. AMs are promoted from post of assistants whereas AO & LO are direct officers ADO is the first promotion post of the Agricultural Officers with professional qualification while DM is the second promotional post of the assistants. So We / I humbly request your good self to help us in fixing the seniority in cases marked as “@ and &”