Non payment of salary abd travel claims

I am employed with a private insurance firm in their defence affinjty. I had gone to an army unit on official travel for business reasons and stayed at army mess. Upon my return i submitted my bills but my claim was declined as there was whitener used on the bill date by army mess aa my travel dates were changed. Now i m being charged by my company for fraud and tempering the bill. I have already submitted my explanation and supporting approval mails by my manager reflecting why there was a change of date in the travel plan. I do not understand why am I being blamed for forgery and tempering the bill something that I haven't done. Due to lack of stationary at the army unit the army personnel made changes in the bill by using whitner. I had gone there as a company representative and did not found it suitable to argue with army men  at the unit, as it would have put a negative image on the company as well.  If you see the bill there is no change in the handwriting or ink of the pen used. There is no cutting on the bill amount. I fail to understand why nobody not even my managers are understanding my situation. My voice and my pleadings are going unheard. My January and feb salary has not been credited to me as yet. My other travel bills are also put on hold which are approx 10 k. Sir, I have family to support and personal financial commitments to fulfill. I am devoting my time and putting my efforts for the company but I am not being paid. Sir, don't you think its unethical, inhumane and unjustified on company's part not to pay me my due salary. I am being punished for a crime I haven't done. Its like I am trying to cross an ocean on a boat. Pls advise.