Termination - 3 Months Salary - Employment bond

I was working in private bank from last two years. I was working as Confirmed Employee ( As got confirmation after completion of 1 year of Probation Period and good rating ). At the time of Joining the Company i had Employment bond of 4 years of some lakhs of rupees. Somehow from last 4-5 months my performance was not good and i had been given three PIPs. Then I have been terminated based on non performance last month on immediate basis without any showcase notice. My questions are- 1. As in the employment bond, there is nothing mentioned that if company terminates or breach the bond , I have to pay the bond amount. It's clearly mentioned in that if I or candidate leaves ( resign ) then I need to pay, but in my case I have not given resignation, while company has terminated based on non performance. 2. Despite of CONFIRMED EMPLOYEE of organisation, It's mentioned in termination letter that ' management decided to terminated your 'Probationary Services' with immediate effect ' which is completely wrong and unlawful as i was confirmed employee. Need guidance on Enforce-ability of bond in termination if company has initiated the separation of service. 3. As i was confirmed employee , on sudden termination, i need to be paid 3 months salary ( as notice period is 3 months over here ) but in F&F statement it has not been given despite have been asked to pay bond amount. 4. I have not been given experience or relieving certificate and denied to given. Legally has it been issued or not ? Need guidance. Please help.