Domestic Violence

My self Sahil Salim Shaikh, i here by want to tell you about the harassment my mom is suffering through, about 4 years back from now my dad had external affair with a lady name REKHA, my mom kept this information private and never revealed it to me because she wanted to get solve soon and not indulging children in this situation. then after getting too much harassed by my dad she told me about this case and after realizing i know that its my dad's fault. we had many meeting since 4 years to explain my dad that this is wrong . stop doing this .this is ruining family piece, in meeting my Aunt (father's sister) both the sisters always come and at starting they explain my dad that dont do this and by the end of the meeting they blame my mom. n they tell my mom that if he keep external affair let him keep ,dont question him. and we had almost 9 to 10 meetings and no solution is there....few months back my mom and me got my fathers recording talking with (Rekha) in which my father is giving bad words to my mom and saying Darling to him. then i thought i should gather everyone for last time to make out the solution when i gathered them(fathers sisters) i told them i have the recording but i dont wanna reveal it..but me nd my mom dont want to stay with my father. then we had long conversation and during that conversation i recorded everthing in form of that video my father accepts that he will give money to my mom and room rent whereever we go...then my mom and I thought let not push it further we will give last chance .....n we stayed together for like 2 to 3 weeks...and then my dad took all the call recording from my moms phone to protect in recording my mom nd my small aunt(chaachi) were talking about my grandmother and they are using badwords.. because they are harassed too much no one can speak good words for such people..and today 2nd feb 2016 ..all of sudden came to my house nd started blaming my mom she used such languange againt my mom(Daadi) nd they started shouting n screaming then i lost my temper and gave back answers .then my Phupa came ...and while I was talking to others my phupa started shouting at me nd when i gave back answers he gave me bad words that i cannot mention here..even he gave bad words to my chacha also used wrong language and started blaming my mom...then today i went to police station with my mom nd filed NC.... P.S - My Grandmother plays politics, my phupa used to support my mom but then suddenly changed , My other chacha is also having external affairs , My fathers sister n my father harasses my mom badly.....Please support me ...please , please .. I compressed this story just to tell u all wats happening but there is lot..