About remarring

I am a Muslim boy and had a married about 1.2 years back. After month 14 day of marriage my wife is in her matrimonial home and doesn't come back.Demanding me to leave my family and don't take any relation ship with him in whole life and take separate house with servants. And also we have a male child of 6 month.before two month back me and my family go to her home to meet my son and wife. But by this matter i am in very depression and finally got ill and hospitalized .. in a hospital my wife is coming to see me with her family and her mother elder brother and creating a seen. Blamming my younger brother and family for my condition. In return my younger brother told him please mind your work. i will take care of my brother.In return her uncle give abuse words. All all going back including my wife and send some men with weapons for my brother. Thank god He is not there so he will save. Then after discharging from hospital i go to her home to meet my son . My Mother in law in separately telling me that don,t come again in this house or nor meet to your son.If you want to meet then leave your family and take separate house for her daughter. Give a warning if you come again without doing this she will complain against dowry and hurting her daughter by making fake medical certificate because her brother are very nearest to famous doctors and also give a Warning of one of my brother in law.He is also a criminal lawyer and also a criminal types .so I decide by using Muslim Personal law i am going to second marriage.Because I am facing very metal Pressure.Because by this matter my father eyes stitches is broken by crying for his grand son.And doctors says its impossible to return his sight My marriage is done according to Islamic law and also not register.After doing all efforts i am fail to save this marriage life. She is also not agree for divorce . . Please Give me Your valuable suggestions can i have right to marry or not.