Mental harassment by mother to her own son

I am facing critical mental harassment from my mother. This harassment became severe after my marriage although it was there before my marriage too. We are five sisters and two brothers( 4 elder sisters then my elder brother then me & my younger sister). During my academic career I always called her for 8-9 years without waiting for her call. Many times I had been disappointed as she always forgot to call me. During my academic career (B.Tech. , M.Tech.(an apex engineering college)), I faced ignorance from all my sisters n from brother too. They didn't talked me, ignored me and abandoned me lonely and most of the times criticize/opposed me unnecessarily during my whole academic career. When I got a v gud job my sisters n brother suddenly stopped talking to me and my mother always favors them n criticize me. After my marriage I have faced critical mental harassment from my mother for all the time(literally, I wept with bloody tears for 1.5 years). I tried many times to make my family as unite but failed , I tried a lot (beyond one's imagination). Now, My mother doesn't phone me(for last one month I also didn't call her) however I m doing job 500kms away from my home. She didn't talk to my wife and never ask about my daughter. P.S.: my father is like God 4 me, he has always treated all us equally. I lov my father more than my daughter/wife.