Maintenance advice for muslim marriege in india

I am 23 year woman . my husband needs divorce , but i dont. I got married in india about 2 years according to muslim marriege act. We both are indian citizens. He is working in soudi arebia. we have no children. his parents mentelly and physically harrased me by asking dowry. My father is not rich.i cant ask him money again. One night his father came to my bedroom and he mis behaved, that night i called my parents and went to my home. I sent a message to my husband that his father misbehaved and i came to my house. Now he returned to india from soudi arebia. He filed divorce , he saying that his father is good and never do wrong with me. I am realy helpless. I really love him . I wanted to know that how many months take for complete this divorce case? It is not a mutual divorce. And what are the procedures for this divorce? How many councilings are there? I am not employed, not graduated, he has monthly income about 50000 rs, how much i get as maintenance?