Company Not Paying It's Employees.

Dear Sir/Madam, I work for a tech support company called Iyogi Technical Services. This company has been sued by the USA Attorney General for fraud. Iyogi has not paid anyone properly in this financial year. They still owe me salary from November 2015 till date. They have not paid our PF as well for this financial year. I hear there are many cases domestic wise as well. The CEO, Uday Challu, has kept us working in the company saying he would pay our days by making promises again and again, plus not allowing us to resign waiving off the notice period. I myself have stayed in the company because of the money this company owes me. I spoke with the Labor Inspector in Gurgaon and he said they cannot help us as our income is above 18000 rupees. I do not have the money to get into a legal hassle in the civil court and cannot wait for months to get my dues cleared. This company is making thousands of dollars every day by making more sales and paying only the sales staff, yet they are not clearing our dues as promised. Moreover, there is a rumor that this company may or may have already filed for bankruptcy, which means getting my salary out of their pockets would be an even harder task. Are there better options available to us to get the dues cleared right now and any way of finding out discreetly if the company has filed for bankruptcy? Iyogi is situated at DLF, Building No. 6, Tower C, Cyber City Gurgaon, Haryana-122002. Awaiting your response.