LOC withdrawal is hold from 1year even after successful acquittal

Hi Sir, My wife filed a 498a case in india on july 2010, by departing from doha and when i am returning on march 15 2012 i was caught up by the chennai airport authorities and moved to Guntur SP and has been surrendered at court. on Dec 6th 2014 we both settled with 11 Lacs Rupees under lok adalat. and got divorce from her on June4th 2015. on the same day my wife requested and signed on LOC withdrawal form and the form was at SP office Guntur till November i went and met personally Guntur SP and he moved my withdrawal request to CID Hyderabad at the last week of November 21st 2015, The actual story started here. I dont have any job currently and trying for abroad chances, two offers from Saudi arabia i lost as the CID Hyderabad clerks requested Delhi CBI to withdraw the LOC on me but no response till Feb end.. I joined a company in Feb last week and the company is asking me documents to send me to short visit for Canada. So i started pressuring the CID clerks at Hyderabad, coz, i dont want to travel as long as i have LOC in immigration database as i dont have any family members to support if i stuck at international airports. But continuously they are saying they are receiving all requests withdrawn confirmation within a month from Delhi, but only in my case they are not getting any response even after repeated faxes about the status of withdrawal. Sir, one thing i want in my life i want to real freedom but even after i paid to her, still i am not understanding why my fate is going like this. I want a free life and no frustrations in my life with Govt authorities etc.. so i decided to move out and stuck at this point now. I have contacted so many lawyers and asked in hyderabad sir i want to have a petition in High Court about this late its almost 3 months i am waiting from Delhi CBI for my withdrawal, Guntur SP sent the request for withdrawal aroung 3.5 months back,, why is putting a LOC circular is so easy and why is it so difficult to withdraw and why should i loose all my opportunities just because there are loop holes in Govt processes. they say boss i know how to withdrawal a roudy sheeter from a person but not a LOC. i have not seen a lawyer in Hyderabad to help me about LOC stuff and i know if any strong lawyer supports me this will be dealt in a week by HighCourt and i can forever free from LOC.. Kindly suggest an approach to give the finishing shot with an affidavit and to enter into the for ever freedom of no wife dramas,, Yours sincerely Satya