Query is not related to Criminal law

Hi, Last night, I have gone to watch Neerja Movie at Dharam Palace,Sector-18,Noida. I have carefully checked the ticket price at online platform where the price of ticket was being shown up as Rs. 125. When I have arrived at their ticket counter. Their representative asked me to pay 200 Rs. for the same movie and the same kind of seats for which i have checked over online platform. When I asked him why is there are different prices. He told me that they are providing free popcorn and coke with the movie and that's the reason for different prices. When I asked him that i do not want to take popcorn. He told me that i will have to buy at 200 or i am free to go in any hall. So, my question is that it is ethical to do that? is it the correct business practice. He forced me to take popcorn whereas my sole purpose was to watch movie there. What i should or should not eat is my personal matter. How can a cinema hall owner enforce it on me. Also, this popcorn thing was not mentioned anywhere until you go to buy a ticket. I have finally purchased the ticket at 200, since i was out of option that time. But, he has provided me bill of Rs. 125 only, when I asked him about the popcorn bill. He told me that they does provide only coupons for popcorn and coke. They did not provided me any bill for refreshments despite taking rs. 75 extra. I will ask you experts what step should i take