Respected sir/Madam We are the final year students of University college of medical sciences and GTBH, MBBS prof. part-2 college of DELHI UNIVERSITY in Dilshad Garden, Shahadra,delhi (Total 12 Students.) Last year we failed in Medicine, but our internal assessment was sent to the university of delhi, which was clearly mentioned on our last yesrs marksheet issued by delhi university.So, as per the rules this internal assessment or highest of two internals is to be considered next time if a student appear in the university exams. acc to FMSC ,DU-Those students who are reappearing in the university examination (on account of being unsuccessful in the previous examination(s)) can improve their performance in the internal assessment by performing better in the internal assessment in the subsequent year(s). In all cases, the best of the performance shall be considered. ( Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Delhi) acc to MCI-Internal assessment marks will determine eligibility for appearing for university examination. Internal assessment marks will not be added to the final examinations marks to determine pass or fail (MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA REGULATIONS ON GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION, 2012) As we appeared in the university exams this year( nov., dec., 2015) again and got clearly passed in university exams written/ oral / practicals each separately with more than 50% marks separately in theory practical( AS CLEARLY MENTIONED ON OUR THIS YEAR MARK SHEET) As from quoted rules of MCI and FMSC, Delhi university Academic section of UCMS GTBH and respective departments of ucms must consider best of two internals amongst back year and current year internals. INSTEAD of this they are not considering the best internal, but they are putting some random figures which even not qualify the minimum requirement for any student to sit in the proffesional university exam