Salary not paid

Hi! i am working for a commodity trading Pvt Ltd company from Delhi as Marketing manager (as per contract) and based in Dakar, Senegal. I joined the group on 17th Jan 2014, with a contract of Two years. We were importing rice in senegal and did a business of 15,000 Mt rice in first year of business. There was a default by a customer for $ 4,50,000 approx. in 2014 nov. I came back to India in April 2015, as there was the company stopped my salary. I resumed my work again after discussing with management and clarifying all the issues. I was posted to Madagascar on 27th May 2015. I worked there for 3 months and then posted back to senegal by management for recovery of the debt. Since, 27th May 2015, the company has not paid my salary. I have requested management, written so many emails but still nothing. My salary as per contract is $1500+$500 (local salary for food). My employment contract for two years expired on 16th Jan 2016. I am still in senegal with no pay. i have not resigned. Kindly advice how i can recover my salary and compensation from the company for making me suffer without pay and going through stress. Kindly let me know the process and chances of recovering my money. Thanks Regards Kapil