To get divorce & to give maintenance to child

I got married in 2005 but after 3yrs we started living separate because my wife & in lawas used to ill treat me very bad & demanded to get separate from my old aged parents & take my share by threating to take poison & put everybody in bar....i went along with her & lived with her in a rented house but i refused to demand for my share in return of that they all use to illtreat me very bad every day ,,,i requested to give the child to me & give divorce in order to live peacefully because they used to illtreat the child too...but she refused & one night she forced me to go out of the rented house by tearing her clothes in order to drag me in a serious litigation & then i decided to move on to my parental home...then i filed the case for divorce ,,,we,r staying separate for last 7 yrs but atlast in session court my case was dismissed,,,& on the other hand i got totally dependent on my parents beacause my my stress & botherration... she filesd a case on me for maintenance for child iam totally dependent on my parents neither i have money to do something of my home nor i have any my certificates & experience to do any job as she tore off all my certificates too...& on the other side she didn't give any supportives of my employement,,,,she is a lect. in govt & drawing more than 40 thousand which se accepted ,,,child is with her parents & they have made the child mental disable,,,neither she put the child in normal school/special school nor she is taking treatment for him and then also judge ordered me to pay 5000/- per month....iam just surviving on food & sgelter given by my parents by doing household & their work....iam totally helpless,,,nothing is coming positive for me ...from where to give maintenance & how to get divorce to lead a peaceful life...plz guide me plz..