Harrasment by husband and inlaws

Hello, I have just completed 2 years of marriage and my marriage is on the verge of a break down ...I have been harassed and mentally tortured by my inlaws and husband but so far I have accepted everything and never thought of giving up on my marriage because somewhere iam still emotionally attached to my husband..My current situation is that my husband works in the US on H1-B visa and I was on H4 dependent visa , last September in 2015 I came to india for my brothers wedding , but we had a huge fight a day before leaving for india ...our visa also expired in September , so I trusted my husband with the visa renewal documents and not once he said that he is planning on a divorce , so I counted on him and came to india without my visa documents ...but the scene was totally different in india ...he starting acting weird along with the support of my inlaws and denied to give me the visa documents , after much persuasion he finally gave me few documents but he hasn't given me complete documents and because of that I can't go back to the US.....Now, he and his family are asking for a divorce which iam not willing to give , despite the fact that my husband and his family gas been mentally torturing me for months and on.many occasions Mt husband has been verbally and emotionally aswell as physically abused me when I was in the US , still I wanted to give our relationship a last chance ..where I was willing to totally comprise but even after so much of begging and attempts to rebuilt our marriage , my husband is threatening me with a contested divorce which he is planning to file in india and tge sad part is my inlaws are equally involved. So , basically , my problem is that I never recorded any of our fights or whenever he physically snd verbally abused me ...becoz I always thought that things would change and never thought of divorcing him despite so much of mess in Mt life , I was even on the verge of a breakdown. ..but , when it comes to proof , I only have my husband's abusive messages and threatening mails full of hatred for me ...where he has said that at any cost he wants to get rid of me , and therefore he is producing fake allegations , he has scratched himself on his neck and clicked a picture and by doing g that he is putting an allegation that I have been physically abusive with him that I have mentally tortured him...but the fact is just the opposite, he has done those things with me but I don't have a recording ...I only have some of his mails and messages ... so , kindly please advise me on this ...what should I do ? Regards, D