Share for first wife's son and second wife's sons

Dear Sir, I am second wife's son of my father. My father's first wife w1 has one and only boy child age-38. And my fathers second wife w2 has 2 sons. After w1 given birth to son relation between my father and w1 get disputed and she started living saperately in the same house along with her son. and after 3-4 years my father married to my mother w2. From 35 years my father is staying with his second wife(my mother) and with us. at the time of second marriage w1 has filed a maintenance suit also said that "as he has already again married so i have no objection and i need my maintenance right only. My father is still paying maintainance to w1 directed by court. My father has ansiestral property + property purchased by my father and his brothers when they are together.(Not huge but It is half of ansiestral property). Recently my father has gifted the half part of property purchased by its own to w2 sons (me and my younger brother) and made a registry from the court. My father is alive and very old (75+ Years) did not remembered that what has done 35 Years back in the court. He is telling that some "Sulah Nama has been done out of the court" and that was presented in front of court. but now according to my father, son of w1 has made some alteration in the "Sulah Nama has been done out of the court" and claiming the half share in the property been gifted to sons of w2 on behalf of that "Sulah Nama has been done out of the court". Please suggest Q1- can son of w1 claim in the gifted property. Q2- can son of w2 claim on the ancestoral property also or not. Q3- w1 has also changed her Identity (name) after the decision of maintenance suit came without informing anybody or court. Q4- i also want to know that w1 has done verbal settlement after the final decision came from court that she need only some money in cash and a house to life in and did not claimed any share in property at that time but now w1 is claiming all that things written in that judgement (Settlement) also claiming that she has not given any maintenance benefit provided by the court and giving threat that she will go to court. tell me what to do.