Rent Agreement Not Executed, Refund Not Initiated,

Hi, I have tried to rent a property from a NRI, whose father we met on 1st Feb'16, paid a token advance of INR 5000 in cash & on 4th Feb'16 did a NEFT of INR 65000 in total INR 70000. From 1st Feb'16 till 17th Feb'16, the father of the NRI (Owner) didn't disclose the actual owner details nor did he share their email coordinates, we had 3 major requirements one, parking space facility, provision of safety cabinet for LPG Cylinder, provision for kitchen chimney, all were verbally accepted, when asked for email confirmation or email to communicate the same it was not disclosed. We had received a oral permission from him to do a pooja on 8th Feb'16 as he had handed over one set of original keys, when asked for the second set he initially refused & stated would do a duplicate & give us back. Further on 18th Feb'16 the father of the owner visited the premise uninformed & dragged us for a discussion, we were not satisfied by his response for the requirements, further LPG being safety provision, we decided not to take the house, hence we requested for a refund on 18th Feb'16. I had made repeated attempts on 19th Feb'16 & 20th Feb'16 to receive my advance but he started playing delay tactics, upon oral consent I have installed Inverter & plumbing requirements for INR 5860 & gave him the original bills (unfortunately due to trust), but since done by our society electrician, he has an estimate of the charges paid & can get a duplicate from the electrical shop on the items installed. On 22nd we tried to vacate our things & in the entrance grill gate the lock (set of keys was not with us) was not locked properly but since all the main keys we took our things, tried to inform on the same day but the next day 23rd Feb'16 we contacted the Father of the owner, he had initially said ok, immediately after one hour he abused my mother stating he had INR 100000 kept in the house & threatened to go to police, to avoid further complications, I narrated the entire incident over the email to our association, also locked the grill gates with my key under the supervision of the security traced the landlords email id narrated the entire incident. Landlord accepted the deficiency in services, delay in executing the rental agreement, but stated his father was abusive coz we tried to break the lock & stated would refund my money back, I had put only one point to him, if I had broken the lock why should I even inform him & further I have the lock in tact which is very clearly indicating that it was not locked properly & I have the master keys to access the house which is vacant, further his father in law never gave me oral or in writing form 18th to 23rd Feb'16 not to enter inside his premise, nor when will he return my rent now with he trying to accept partial failures let me know how to tackle this