Husband has absconded

I was in relationship one year, guy depsite her denial he got physical under the pretext of marriage. had met her family. Later, when i got pregnant, he aborted my child under emotional blackmail even when I tried my best to refuse. he has signed the papers as husband.after, few month, he denied refused to marry me due to his family pressure. I told his family member everything and still did not agree and he absconded for a week. I tried searching for him everywhere. When i realized that I have been fooled, when to police to find him, when they called him, he apolosized and he got scared due to his family and wants to marry me. we got married and after he would torture me mentally and emotionally by staying distant, not coming home, over which we would have fights. He would provoke me ask for divorce, which i have due to anger, but tried my best to make the marriage work. he kept me in the guilt that because of me, his parents have disowned me. We had got physically voilent when i discovered about his lies about his parents, but i had no qualms as i tried to understand his situation.After 8 months of marriage, he has left the house without informing, leaving me alone in the rented house, and claims never to come back. He has accused me and my family of marriage under duress, and torture. Recently, i got to that that they all talk and have plotted against me to collect evidence for cruelty against me. he has been consulting a lawyer of how to get rid of me and he left his job too. he blaming me for everything, my fault is that i trusted him and got provoked by his behaviour easily. he says that his parents have disowned him and disinherited him by publishing in a local newpaper, they belong to Uttar pradesh, and we live in mumbai, his younger sister who is married lives here. they are still not ready to accpet that they all talk and keep lying.