Hello, Myself Anjali, a 40 yr old professional seek advice for my brother's case. In 2001, were searching a bride for my younger brother of 30yrs & through matrimonial ad in newspaper we got response from a family in Agra in Dec 2001 & after seeing the girl we said yes to proposal (just verbally)...There had been no cermony or anyother official confirmation of relationship. But after coming back home we consulted our Pandit, for date of wedding & other functions ...but due to mismatch of horoscopes, Pandit adviced relationship wud not be much favourable.... So, we were not keen to pursue the alliance further, we informed the girl's family within that week itself...but they didn't took it well...& they filed an FIR against us in Jan 2002, in Agra court...where we presented ourself in court & were given bail on that day itself.... Since then, there had been no connection b/w two families, neither there had been anything happening in case....years later, in 2013 my brother got married in Delhi to one of other proposals by our relative. But now, in 2016, we are informed, girl's family (which we had seen in 2001 in Agra) had filed an FIR again...we need to present ourselves in Agra on 17 March... So, I wanted to know : --What should be our next steps in this case? --How & what precautions we need to take? --Also, if after 14 years is a new FIR will hold relevance??