Law against cheater husband left his wife in india and went touk

I am a lady of 50 pluse living in panchkula retired from teacher.i got married before 28 years and my husband is living in u.k now. After the marrige of three years he went to UK to make their carrer and made me assure to call me over their after sattelment. but after some time I came to know that my husband is lliving with a lady and they have a son from that relationship.even that lady didn't know that the person she living with is married.when she came to know she left him and complainted against him. After all the story my husband polished me and said '' i m sorry mai bhatak gaya tha ''ab dobara aisa nai hoga ''.I didn't want to spoil my relationship so i trusted him and he make me sure that he will take me and my children to UK and live togather. in this time period he called my mother in law and my two children to uk and now they all got citizenship of uk.after a long time i came to know that he is in relationship with a lady and staying their happily and don't want to take me overtheir. he also forced to my children not to have relation with me but my children love me and want to live togather.after a long wait i feel lonely and helpless plz tell me what i should do now.