Broadband Internet Service!

1. I have subscribed to Broadband (Internet) of Tikona Digital Services and in this regard paid the two month advance and installation charge of Rs. 2350/- on 22nd December. 2. The service got activated on December 23rd but from the very first day there was connectivity and speed issue and in this regard I sent e-mail to customer care for disconnection and refund on December 24th, i.e. the very next day. 3. They insisted to wait and observe for a week and said that the problem would get resolved but all in vain, the same complaints were repeated and the same hollow assurances were given to wait and observe; they even said don't worry as all this period under fluctuating connectivity will be waived in bill. 4. On Feb 3rd they told me that the problem cant be resolved and I will get refund after deduction of bill covering the date of last day usage. Now my question is (a) Why they are eligible for deduction , I requested the disconnection the very first day but each time they insisted that they were working with the problem and use and observe for few days and of course in observing there would be usage. (b) They violated all the guidelines of Quality of Service of TRAI. (c) It affected lot of professional work and created such emotional stress thereby affecting the quality of work, who will compensate for this? I have filed a complaint with National Consumer Helpline, shall I approach the Consumer Forum?