Wife harassing deaf mute husband

Wife doing job in State Government office. She has got married with deaf mute person. The marriage took place with the consent of both the parents. Girls father is a purohit and hails from a small family and wanted to get her married to the middle class family.She has been supported by in laws for future studies and also helped her in getting the temporary job in a State Govt. office. Later after working for 6 years she was made permanent. Now that she started harassing her husband for doing all the house hold works and ill treating him like a slave. The husband is also earning monthly by doing some work on internet for which his brother is paying him consolidated sum of Rs.12000/- every month. He also works in small office and earns about Rs.5000/- plus his parents also support him by giving Rs. 4000/- every month. So his total earnings are Rs. 21000/- and the entire amount he is spending for his family only. She never informed what salary she is getting and what she is doing with her salary also is not known and no one is interfered in that aspect. She started pressuring the boys parents for extra money and through him. He is totally helpless as he cannot express or tell as he is deaf and dumb.He wants come away from her. So what could be action he can take.