Misbehaviour of a neighbour.

At present we have some apartment duties(water supply,gate locking)which goes rotationally every month for every family.this month its ours.we hv bn staying for near 7 years.we told the secretary of our flat that because we live in 4th floor and also at day tym we r nt available at home hence we cnt maintain 3to 4tym water pump work.we suggested every family should put some money into the fund,combining all the mny then we should hire a caretaker for these duties.but nobody gv it thought.now today at 10 o,clock the gate locking tym but we locked it at 9.30 coz we sleep b4 10.and they know that vry well if we r gng to do the duty the way it is convinient for us.some tym sme flat members also do it.they lock the gate at 11 though the timing is 10.y?coz its convinient for that family as they come home late.same way 9.30 z cmfrtbl tym for us. Now today when we locked the door at 9.30.a man who lives on the 2nd floor came and beat our door .i opened the door and this man starts shouting at me what kind of indiscipline is this bla bla .he was being vry agressive.i cant handle a fi8 coz i m sugar patient.i was literally panicked and shaking coz my husband stays out for work he cms a day in wk to visit.and at the absense of my husband i was literally shaking.coz i live with my daughter and my son.what he did was it right to show his agressive manliness to a women who didnt even said a word in reply coz she was shaking in fear of this man high agressive shouting voice.i wanted to close the door.bt he ws nt ltng me doing it.after 20-25min later his fmly tk hm away with them.was it ok what he did?