Quashing for FIR u/s 376/377/506/328

Hello all respected lawyers I have a case against me, sections are mentioned above. A Girl with who contacted me initially and then we started meeting together, after that we get close get indulge in physical relation. after that she happens to be a sister of my friend (i got to know it later) but she knew about it.then we get more closer and went to stay out of town for 2 days then when we came back she forced me to get marry to her, and she convinced me to marry i want a marriage which must have a certificate and other witnesses but she says we will do it later and arranged everything for marriage, so we did it and she took pictures of marriage and that ceremony with her friend. then she started making more pressure on me to tell my parents about this and one day i told everything to my parents, later on one more thing i got to know about her is that she was already married a divorcee, i asked it about her then she said dont worry about that it was my past life and it wont bother you in future, then my parents kicked me out of house a i went to her to stay after 2 days her one cousin came to my father and said "its ok uncle whatever that happened you cant do about it let them reside in house and accept her as your daughter in law" my father said whatever he did let him suffer, we dont want to suffer because of his doing. When she got to know about this she asked me to bring some money so we can live happily and ask money from your father. i told her i cant do that as he is already feeling betrayed because of me. the she said then i am not responsible for everything i want money otherwise i will take you to jail. and then she filed a fir against me in which she mentioned` that i took her from her house to go to out of town and there he raped me by inducing some intoxicating substance in cold-drink and he also do anal with me and make My MMS to blackmail me, and he come to my house usually and he used me on pretext of marriage. before that she followed me from my house with one of her friend and then i called on 100 no and then one of her brother came where they singed on DDR that this was a normal quarrel in between husband and wife and is has been resolved, she also wrote one complaint against me that she is ending his life as his parents are not accepting our marriage which is held on so and so date, i got AB on these basis but police hav`nt filed CS till yet as it happend around 2 years back, one more thing to say she also not went for her medical examination before filing this compalint. i have just 2-3 ques to asl 1 Can i go for quashing of fir as CS not been submitted till yet.? 2 What will be the result in this case as now she is asking lot of money to withdraw case.? 3 i want to do marriage can it be possible if i want to do.?