Gokulam Chits & Finance - Payment Defaulting - Reg.

Hello Sir, Myself Vinoth R from Chennai. I have made a surety signature for one of my ex-friend when he withdrawal chit amount after bid. Due to misunderstandings on amount transactions i have disconnected his friendship & he is not in contact. Collections agents of Gokulam Finance are behind me & stating that my ex-friend defaulted the pending payments. I were trying to reach my ex-friend & came to know that he has cheated many people & absconded. Also came to know that he went to jail for some time for some other case which is also related to amount transaction. I tried to contact his family members no one is revealing his contact number & where he is. I have explained this to Gokulam Finance, but they are not ready to hear anything, just asking me to pay. The way they speaking is also not good & coming to home & shouting from street. They say that me & my ex-friend jointly looted their money. I asked them to go to his native where my ex-friends parents stays where they have own lands, house,etc. They are not willing to do that. Kindly share your experience/advise & let me know if i get any legal notice from Gokulam Finance. How to handle it? Defaulted Amount : Rs.18,1000/- (Principle). Thanks in advance. ... Vinoth R