May I claim a houseplot from my fathers ancestoral property?

I am the eldest to my parents, got a brother and sister both married and settled. I worked and fed my family and built a new house and all rich class amenities to them. but forget to save for me in my name. Living in the house which i built for whole family. in first week of January 2016 my father changed our house plot 85 cents to the name of my mother. Since my mother became owner of house mother started creating troubles to my wife, finally we decided to move out for another house. I requested 12 cents land to build a home, my father got over 2 acres of ancestral property inherited from his father. but they refused a registration where I got frustrated on their decision, because now on issue they claims the existing home belong to them. but everyone knows, they don't earn any penny, only 4000 rupees retirement pension to my father who was a driver for some time in govt service.. I want 12 cents land get registered on my name, i do not have land or property on my name and not a IT tax payee. my brother and sister agree and support me.