My daughter had a right to a property but since she was abroad, the property's deed was made out in her uncle, my brother's name. The property adjoins my brother's half of the property which was is in his wife's name. When my daughter came to India, my brother made a gift deed to my daughter of the property that was hers but to prevent her from selling off the property for at least a year (selling immediately would have a detrimental effect on the value of the adjoining property in his wife's name) my brother insisted upon my daughter giving him six blank signed cheques. This was in 2008. When my daughter recently returned to India and requested my brother to return the cheques, he claims to have lost them. This might in all probability be true. My question is this: If someone presents any or all of these cheques to a bank, will my daughter have a liability vis-a-vis these cheques since the format of cheques has changed from 2013 and the cheques with old format before 2013 are no longer legal tender but the person presenting the cheques to the bank will have to date them not more than three months before the presentation date. Thank you in advance for your opinion