Family Partition

My late dad is part of family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. My Grandfather passed away and my grandmother is still alive. The property has not been split yet, my father passed away when I was 5, now I am 25. A couple of times there were portions of land that was sold and we were given a portion(one time when I was a minor). My mom and I had issued a legal notice to my uncle's when I was a minor and they promised that would proceed with the partition within that year and they havent till now. There's a common house in which my mom and myself havent set foot in since my dad passed away and where my uncles live in. There is agricultural land , where crops are being cultivated by my uncle and not once we have received any share from it in the past 25 yrs. I am really irritated by the fact that my mom and I had to suffer so much and there no proper response or help from them. We are seeking to take legal help again , and I want to know if I would get a remuneration for the profit from the land ? Also, would it be legally possible to stop the cultivation in that land and people from staying in that house until the partition is done ? The rest o the property ( some is under my dad's name , some my unlce's and some my grandmother) Excuse me if hadnt made myself clear , I am completely new to this and the legal proceedings.