Want to take possession of my agriculture land

Sir, 1. I am serving with the Indian Defense Forces & serving the mother land India. Due my service , I generally have to stay away from my home town. I bought a piece of agriculture land in Chhatarpur Distt of MP in Mar 2006. Due my absence, my neighbors (from minority community) used to alter the boundaries of this land. Thus, i decided to get the fencing done of my land and accordingly in 2012, I got the measurement done of this land. 2. It was revealed in the official report that a portion of my land was in the possession of my neighbours. When I requested them to vacate the area, they answered that they too would like to get it measured. And then if any surplus land is found with them, they will vacate it. In the interest of social harmony, I accepted their proposal in year 2012. 3. But, they are neither getting their land measured nor vacating it from last 4 years (because they too know that if they get it measured, they will have to vacate my land). Could you please guide me that what are the options available with me to get my land vacated from these duel-faced neighbors. It seems that the other party is aware that such legal cases take huge time in deciding and coming out with a verdict. They are probably taking this as their plus point and self as military person can not afford to come frequently to attend the legal hearing due my leave restrictions. Can I as defense person, look for a speedy justice. 4. Kindly suggest me the best way ahead. With warm regards...Anjani Tiwari