Rectification deed

Sir , I have purchased a site on 1.4.2008 in a layout formed out of Sy.No.19/3,21/2 and sit no.31. After 6 months I came to know that the said is already sold out to a person in 2004(25.2.2004)quoting only When I approached the Developer/Land owner, he told by mistake he had sold site to me, and hence he agreed to rectify it. And he told he will execute a rectification deed and correct the mistake. Accordingly a Rectification deed is executed and registered with subregistrar, saying that due to “ Over sight” it has entered as site no.31 instead of site no.33 and also chekbandi and schedule also corrected leaving only one checkbandi incorrect. Again to correct the checkbandi that was done mistake another Rectification deed is executed on 11.03.2010 and all the checkbandi and site no. are made intact. Now when I took EC(Encumberence Certificate )for site no. 33 after this correction , I am getting my name and only Rectification deeds are mentioned. Now my question whether the title is clear with above transaction. Please advice me. Thanks and Regards. Ambi