Girl's parents are forcing me to marry

Since we initially agreed for the marriage, my engagement took place forcibly in the presence of my parents and in the absence of me as girl's parents and relatives forced for it. Initially, we did not know that the girl's parents background is not good and now they also seem to be rude. As of now we did not agree for the marriage in writing but just verbal decision is made in front of few people at girl's home and they might have some photos of it. Initially they said that they will take me and force me to marry the girl in case we do not agree for the marriage. Hence, it made us we agree for the engagement. I am 29 year old from AP and working at central govt. company at Chennai with high paid salary. My queries/doubts are as follows: (1) How can I proceed to cancel this engagement? (2) Can I marry other girl without letting them know? (3) Do they can complain against me legally using false 498a, if yes, does that affect my job? (4) Is it okay to complain against the girl's parents? if yes, where I have to complain? (5) Can I proceed with marrying another girl by informing her and her parents whatever happened till now without letting the first girl side know about the marriage? if yes, is it good to marry at Chennai with registered marriage? Awaiting advice from experts as soon as possible.