Excommunicated by husband

I have been married for 11 years and don't have children. we married when he was still a student. 3 years later, we went to mumbai where i started working but he did not. after another year, he left me on my own in mumbai and returned to kolkata, instigated by his parents. 3 years later i followed him back to kolkata and started living in their house. i stopped social mixing with my in laws, realising that they never valued me as an individual and i refused to be imposed upon by certain illogical demands like a daughter in law should wear only a saree, should always seek father-in-law's permission in anything she does or anywhere she goes etc. i have a small job here and meet my own expenses. my husband or my in laws do not abuse me, or cause me any physical harm. but they have excommunicated me. in all sense of the term. i live on the top floor, leave the hose for job using my own set of keys, cook, clean, only for myself and sleep alone. the strategy is to punish me with loneliness and deprivation and making me feel unimportant and unwanted. it is subtly done. this has been going on for about 3 years and it is weighing really heavy now. i dont want a divorce. how can law help me? kindly advise.