House owner hesitant to return advance amount

I have paid advance of Rs:50,000 while entering the house. I was paying rent of Rs:10,000. I have decided to vacate to the house when he said he was going to increase the rent. I have given him 1 and half month notice(1 month notice as per rental agreement) and i said i will be vacating the house by end of February 2016. He has not painted or whitewashed the house while he gave it me since it was 1 year old. In the rental agreement it is mentioned that house should be painted by tenant while leaving or amount will be deducted by mutual consent. At the time of agreement, verbally he has confirmed that it is the general terms and no need for painting while we asked. Now he is demanding 1 month rent as compensation for painting or he is asking me to paint the house while leaving. The house is in the same condition as he has given it me. Finally i have agreed to paint the house by myself. He is also asking me to replace the filter in the RO water purifier as part of maintenance. It is also in the same condition as he gave and i agreed for that also. Now he is asking for 1 month time to return the advance amount. Even though if i vacate the house on Feb 28th 2016 and return the keys to him as per my notice, he is not ready to return my advance on the same day. How shall i get my advance amount from him? He has to return Rs:30,000 (Rs: 20,000 deducted as rent for 2 months from Advance).