HR Irregularities

HR Dept. Irregularities Hi, I am working at a web development company in Kolkata for the past 4 years and 7 months. But, we (the employees) do not get salary slips every month. I personally asked for salary slips two months ago (i.e. in Dec, 2015), but I have not received a single copy of a salary slip as of now (Feb, 2016). When I asked for the salary slip, I was told that they would give me salary slips of the past few months because others are not needed. 4 years ago, the name on my offer letter was wrong. I was also not given any appointment letter. In 4 years, I had 4 appraisals, but no such paperwork was done at any point of time. I, along with other employees, was told that they are not needed. It was told that relieving/NOC letter is important. But I have worked for another company in the past, they used to give us every document. I know that things like salary slips or appointment letters are necessary at every step, but I believe as a employee of a registered private limited company I must get all necessary documents. Where can I file a complaint to get these things corrected? Please share if you have more suggestions as how I should I take the next step?