Family property dispute between brothers

My grand father has two sons one my uncle(elder) and second my father. We live in same city but having own houses. In parental village, we have house which is now renewed by my grandfather and uncle. Financially help is made by both as my father was told to settle after completion of work. Now my uncle is saying as he has invested in that home, so that belongs to him. And he is not giving keys. Either my father has to give money or has to be side. Father is ready to give money but there is no guarantee in future my uncle will not create any fuss. He is saying you can make your own in d same ground whenever you want but without help of my grand father. and also that particular that property will b divided in to three as my grand father and two. i want to know the best settlement option. if this property is divided then all properties of my grand father should also at the same time. what my father should do at this time because in April, his second daughter is getting married and currently he is not in condition of paying such huge amount. -uncle is also saying (he has three sons and my father having three daughter and only son) whole property will b divided in 4 parts 3 for his son and one for my brother). is this mentioned in law as grand father's property can b divided on basis of grand children's number. kindly advice for best settlement option. Thanks