Country vacation

My father had taken membership in country vacation in 2006 at that time they said life time member ship for family members and you will get a yearly income if you not taken the vacation or offer for 9 years.And my father taken agreement of the same which we have. But they not paid anything and cheated my father.They even vacated the office from bhimavaram and my father don't know what to do and after 2 years he went to hyderbad country vacation office there they said to fill a form and submit and you will get the yearly amount.he did that and came back to village which is 700km from hyderbad. But still they not paid after that.My father went again and did the same still we didn't get.And my father don't know what to do and left it.In my town few people complained to police my father too went to police station with them but we didn't get anything and my father left it. what we can do know sir can you suggest me pls now we are staying in bangalore but at that time we stayed in akividu in Andrapradesh