Love marriage

Dear Sir/Madam, I am in a relationship with a girl of my age(25) from last 6 years. We both work in a same IT MNC. She is from south India and i am from north because of which her parents are against this marriage. We tried convincing them a lot and now we are tired.Its been more than 1 year we are trying to make them understand. Now her parents have found a guy in US who is ready to get married to her after knowing all this also and they have fixed the date of engagement also which is next month only. So i have no other option then running away with her. It is her own decision to run away with me but i have only concern. Actually her parents stay in the same city where we work and my brother and some friend also in the same city. Her parents know my brother and friends. So, Q1) What if we run away and later her parents file a missing/kidnap complaint against me? Q2) As we will not be in the same city, Can police come and arrest my brother or any family member or friend to inquire or torture? If yes, then is there anything we can do so that police cant even interfere in this matter? Please reply its very urgent!!!!! Thanks a lot in advance.