Mental harassment and fraud

I got married on 22nd of Nov 2015. my family was told lie before marriage about the earnings and many other things of my husband. I am a working girl and my dad is no more , he was an army officer, when i got know their actuality my mother in law n husband started to harass me mentally n also i got to know from a servant who works in my house that she would be physically harassing me soon by my husband.I do UK shifts and they want me to resign from my job as she wants me to wake up early while i am sleeping in order to cook though i have told them multiple times that i suffer from weakness if i wont take proper sleep. Before marriage i told them my job shifts and everything so that they know what kind of girl they would be having. Not only on this, she taughts my husband to fight against me on small matters of household and my husband doesn't care about me at all My mother in law tried to burn me by switching on gas while was cooking n left me alone in the kitchen.My life has become a nightmare.Before marriage they told my family that the boy is simple, never drinks and doesn't have any bad habits, though after we went on our honeymoon my husband mentally harassed me for drinking and we had an accident after he was drinking n riding bike. I am in depression as i caught my husband with many other bad habits as well and now he wants me to either resign or keep going through torture.Also same thing happened with my brother in law's wife. She made me alert but also she is the victim of mental harassment.Both my husband and brother in law never care about our emotions and torture.Don't know what to do as they scare me to harass my mother who is a widow now and I don't want her to take my tension.She shows off as if she is very religious and pure from heart to her sons and daughter. Please help and guide.