Whether the daughters are eligible for father's property??

1. My mother family consists of 5 children. 3 sons and 2 daughters. My mother being the youngest in the family. My mom's parents are still alive (both mom n dad). My mom's father partitioned the entire property among all the 3 sons equally. This partition was done before 2004 (probably in 90's). So, will my mother be eligible to file a case against their brothers for property claim??? as my mom's father is still alive.. 2. Secondly, out of 3 sons in the family...the eldest son and his family (including wife and only child) died due to some reasons. so, my mom's elder brother complete family is gone. Since my mom's brother has not saled or writtened the property to any other person. Will the daughters be able to file a case to claim the property?? If yes, the elder son property will be shared among only daughters or 2 daughters + 2 sons + father. mean to tell that elder son property will be divided into 1/5th share?? Orelse, only 2 daughters will be eligible for the claim in the property?? since the entire property already shared between 3 sons. So, whether the 2 sons will also be eligible to claim for the elder son property?? So, pls provide details on the property share of elder son among the remaining sons and daughters... Also, pls mention whether my mom will be eligible to file a case to the entire father property??