Harassment and wrong doings faced at the workplace.

Dear Sir I am working in a private university from 1 August 2007. I was the HOD of the department from July 2010 to July 2015. My position of HOD was suddenly taken away without any verbal or written communication and without any reason. Because of this my allowance was also reduced by 5000/-. After this I had to take 23-24 hours of classes in 5 days that makes roughly 5 classes a day. I would like to tell here that I am physically Handicapped person having 50% disability in the left leg. I requested the seniors and HR to reduce my load as it is impossible for me to stand that much but they never listened. I was even harassed to such an extent by seniors that the stopped my internal transfer to department where I can sit and work and even said that they are intentionally doing it.They also gave extra classes to me later on which I denied. I had to submit the Harassment complaint against my seniors to the HR department but the HR department denied to take any action against the seniors but they transfer me to other teaching department where my load of 24 hours remain same. At new department the new hod also under the influence under old seniors troubled me because of which I had to retaliate.She called her husband who tried to beat me and even used the words"Tu apahij hai ta assi ki kariye. Teri ek lat tusti hoyi hai ta assi ki kariye.". Even in this incident I was issued a warning and no action was taken against the HOD and her husband.When I complaint to the HR and other officials then my e-mail is simply ignored. Please guide what legal options do I have .