Ancestral Property sold by father to his 2 sons

My Grandfather (B) is the seller and purchased by (D) father and his younger (G) brother. Grandfather had got his property from his father Mr. (A) , who had total 3 sons and 2 daughters, property only got divided between 3 sons. In 2003 My grandfather aged 75 (B) had 3 sons alive and 2 daughter in laws as 2 sons had died and his wife died long back. There was no means of income to him and nor the daughter in laws or their children took care of him or give any financial support to him also not give any money for land cultivation and farming or any money for pipe to be made from a common river. he had raised his 5 children's alone, and was always in debt, now at this age also he had debts to be paid which were taken from the common society in village and to repay it he was unable. also money from other persons also was to be given. So in year 2003 he sold his property to 2 sons via registered sale deed and accordingly name changes were done in 7/12 papers and there was no written consent from the other 1 sons and daughter is laws. In year 2008 1 sons filed a case in prant(province) office claiming his rights, and his case was dismissed in year 2010 as he had shown only 3 sons by his father and not making any disclosure about the 2 dead sons or their family. So filed in the lower court another case 2010, the case is in final hearings I need to know the aspects of the claim to be rejected by court. Thanks