Does the termination from employment as acontractorharmsourcareer

Hi This is banupriya. I would like to put a query infront of you experts to suggest and guide with your support. I have worked for an MNC company as IT support analyst hired through contract company as a contractor and getting paid by the same.When it was going bit fine unfortunately I have got terminated marking under disciplinary action saying that it is because of uninformed leaves which has not done by any other previous company and educational institutions which it made be shocked and undigestable. But infact I would say that I value the business hence I even support the corporate rules. During that they have shown 4 uninformed leaves.Out of these,2was situational leaves.1 among that was late information sent.During that I was unaware of the same and another was taken as continuous leave for 2 days where it has been mentioned for only 1 day. And the remaining 2 leaves are compensation leaves which 1 among these has been approved by the team leader. However all the leaves has been informed from my end. The only thing is as I could not remember those approved compensation leave at the time when they ask about these comp offs for which I do not have any text format since it was the approved leaves,I agreed with the termination.i found that the it was approved comp offs after rechecking the leaves. But My manager has given a chance to prove on the same. The approved compensation leave by the team lead also have updated as uninformed by the attendance markers. The team lead has gone on long leave once after approving the same. So now I am unable to get any letter of relieving or exit. So kindly let me know what is the compensation leave procedure and as I have written here who is faulty among us. And also help me out to collect the relieving letter as I have been as a temp employee for the project company under the role of contract company. My concern is if I disclose this short term employment for 4months I may not get the sufficient hike in my salary. I may get if companies can be able to pay on good hike.