Share on mother's property

1.Hi, my mother had a piece of land which she had bought on her own. She had gifted this to my sister's husband without my knowledge. As it was me who made my sis study and got her married can i claim a share on this. Also i have an younger brother. Please advise. 2. The house where my parent's live is still in the name of my expired grandmother. My dad paid the bank loan on my grandma's behalf to build this house and closed the loan when she was bedridden. My dad's sister gad said 20 years back that she dont want share, but there is no written document for it. Now when we try to sell the house we found that it is in grandmothers name. A. Is my father now a legal shareholder of this or my aunt also has a share as there is no will? B. Will the same be applicable to agricultural land as well which my father does farming. Will it also be shared. If so how it will be shared, my father has 2 son and 1 daughter. My aunt has 2 daughter and one son. C. Please advise on this as my aunt is unaware that the property is still in grandmothers name.