Personal Loan Borrower Deceased

Hello Sir, My mother borrowed a personal loan from an NBFC in Dec 2011. Shortly after repayment of 6 months unfortunately she passed away (July 2012). I submitted all her death related documents and inquired local branch about outstanding, he informed me that loan was insured and and will be taken care by insurance company so I set back not worrying as I was not having good job at that time. No further communication was made by them till Oct-2014 when they(3rd party collection agency) started calling and harassing my employer, relatives and neighbors asking them to pay the loan amount or their assets will be seized as they are somehow related to me. I have not signed any document related to loan, it is just my mobile number was mentioned in application by my mom. Do I have any legal liabilities towards this loan? I haven't paid towards loan since my mother's death, it has been nearly 3 years now. Are they still eligible to recover loan since I have not received any written communication from them? What actions can be taken against recovery agency for such indecent act? Thanks in advance, your advice value a lot.