Plot identification/present status

Hi, I have purchased a plot (1200 sft) 12 years back at Electronic city in Bangalore. it is around 1.3 acre land and made the layout with 30x40 ft sites. Later, I came to know that developer had paid some amount to maximum individual purchasers and he took GPA from them. But I have not surrender the document. later, from online (karnataka bhoomi web site) i can see that, many transactions have been done on that survey number in between developer and some other third party. recently it got converted to Factory use. recently I took encumbrance certificate from sub register office and I paid tax(Katha) from beginning in local Panchayat office few months back . but I am not able to identify my flat (exactly my piece of land). I mean to say all boundaries gone over a period and not able to identify exact location. I would like to identify the same.. 1. Can you tell me the procedure as whom to approach for survey to identify my piece of land ..? 2. From Karnataka Boomi website, I can see few registration transactions made against this survey number. but it not showing any plots level transactions. I want to know, exact status of my piece of land. please suggest me how to get the same..? Thanks in advance Prasad