Legal advice

I have purchased the residential site of 30X40 sqft vacant site. I Have purchased from the private party. Details: This property was allotted by soceity in 2003 to Harish and is the purchaser. After his death, this property is trasferred to his Parvathamma. This Parvathamma is having 3(2-male, 1-female all are major) children and all are alive. They have divided all their property among 3. One of the son Ramesha has sold his share that is aforesaid 30X40 plot to me in 2014. This Ramesha and his wife are not living together. Ramesha is having 2 children both are minor. Now his separated wife has moved the court asking her 1/3 share on her husband's share property. The Ramesha's property share is at 4 different locations. Out of 4 locations, one is my 30X40 site.Other 3 locations properties maybe inherited property or not I don't know. Now my Question is: 1. Whether my 30 X 40 site is ancestral/inherited/inheritable property? 2. Can she claim her 1/3 share on my property? 3. Temporary injuction order has been given for my property. How to vacate this? Pls reply.