Legal ramification of breaking service agreement

Sir/ Ma'am, I joined an IT firm with which I had to sign an agreement as they would release my salary only after I have signed the agreement. I signed the agreement which looks very one sided as I have to serve the company for 2 years (only then can I give them notice to leave). They can ask for training charges from me in case I leave. If I give them notice ( only after completing my 2 years), I have to pay them last two months salary. In case they want to terminate the agreement they have to give a notice of one month (or salary of one month). Now I have just signed on papers which was not company letterhead. But then they attached a stamp paper in front of it (cost of stamp paper Rs 50) and got it notarized. I have not signed on the stamp paper but my sign is on all the other papers as already mention. So I left the firm after the admin told me that I need not come to office anymore. But when I tried to put this on record with a mail, the firm propertier told me that I was merely suspended and not terminated. Now she is threatening legal action to recover Rs 2 lakhs for the training they gave me. But there was no training as such, a guy which is in the firm before me sat with me for 5-6 days for 1 hrs each and that was it. Please tell me how to get out of this situation or if I have to pay Rs 2 lakh to him as I don't have that much money (I worked for 3 months in the firm).