I married to to my husband in 2010 and than he went back to usa I was in india as he went on student visa so as soon as he gt job I gt visa which was in 2013 and it was quite long time and v were school time lovers but before I came he gt indulge with some other girl though he called me but he gt addicted to her and they continued and he was not touching me and v fight a lot and he beat me and one day I gt anxiety attack and also fake. To hospital I have all phone records and all recording that they both were doing all wrong stuff and now he files divorce against me as irretrievably brok down of marriage and I have put all this things in reply but I want to give him hard time by extending this case as here it would be lot of money and my lawyer suggested me that they have filed wrongly so he can dismiss the case and at that momemnt v can immediately file in india so plz suggest me will that be good idea and one thing I m right now on h4 but have applied for change of status to student so I can't come to india right so will that possible I can give power of attorney to my relative and they do all the things for me and what time frame that I have to appear their or I can wait for my husband to appear their plz guide me I really need this