Regarding divorce proceedings

Hello im going through divorce case under section 13 cruelty filed by me i.e. the husband .ive submitted 28 annexures in my affidavit of evidence. and ive got 3 pw's examined and ive closed my evidence. now my so called wife has filed her affidavits and 2 annexures . in one annexure she has submitted the print out of where i made a profile about 6 months back after my friend compelled me to do so . however i deleted my profile after some days. now in that profile i mentioned my martial status as : Awaiting divorce . my actual income is 3 lacs per annum. but as that profile was made my frd he himself mentioned my income as 15lac plus. im doing job in a company and my itr is according to say 3 lac per annum. now in my wifes affidavit filed as evidence she has mentioned that no cruelty has been made by her and im earning 15 lac plus per annum as mentioned by me in that matrimonial profile. the court has fixed her maintainence as 7000/- per month on the grounds of my itr. is this a stage to panic as my frd mentioned my income as 15 lac plus and as she is mentioning this that im earning 15 lac plus according to my profile. kindly revert